Financial wisdom while playing Golf – to keep the money game light!

New Delhi (India), May 7: After giving an ethical, transparent and exclusive platform, Hum Fauji Initiatives, which addresses all the investment-related financial needs of the armed forces officers and their family members, Col Sanjeev Govila, the CEO of Hum Fauji Initiatives, has authored a book titled ‘Golf Swings and Money Sutras’. The book was launched by Gen MM Naravane, the Army Chief, on April 22 2022.

The book is a continued initiative to empower the officers, their families & every other individual who is looking to get in-depth knowledge about financial planning & investment. The book gives out the author’s distilled wisdom of 27 years of understanding Faujis while in the army and now 12 years of being at the helm of an iconic company Hum Fauji Initiatives that is better known for its niche statement ‘By the Faujis. For the Faujis’.

Set against the background of a golf course as a friendly chatter between three golf-playing Faujicoursemates, it immediately removes the ‘serious’ tonality attached to the subject and welcomes the reader to understand the retirement money game in a very friendly way. The money truths, and money myths, are all broken down into easy conversations among friends – a light-hearted way to understand and explore financial opportunities.

Talking about the book launch, Col Sanjeev Govila says, “I’m sure this book will help many armed forces families since it is primarily written for retiring or retired Faujis, including those contemplating Pre-Mature Retirement. I’ve also added a chapter for the millennials, the corporate children of Faujis, since the financial well-being of the grown-up children is also a big concern of officers at that age in this era of runaway consumerism.”

He further added, “Complex matters can be explained in simple terms, through conversations. What better way than a light-hearted conversation amongst three friends on the golf course and their dilemmas with retirement and money.”

The experience, the observations, and the knowledge gained and imparted are all reflected in this book. Lt Gen Ata Hasnain, one of the most well-known military speakers, writers and defence analysts, envisions this book will be a landmark in the personal finance field. He adds enthusiastically,

“Golf Swings and Money Sutras will help many armed forces officers and civilians alike lead a safe, bountiful and meaningful retired life. Kudos to Col Sanjeev for empowering the army community through initiatives like this. I would go to the extent of saying that no armed forces officer should retire without reading this book.”

The topics covered in this book include retirement planning, investment instruments, early financial planning and personal finance. And of course, Golf.

Officers and their families associated with Col Sanjeev Govila and Hum Fauji Initiatives for years have appreciated Col’s creative and thoughtful approaches to serving the armed forces families through robust financial solutions. “This book is one such solution,” says Radhika Gupta, the famous CEO (of ‘The Girl with a Broken Neck’ fame) of Edelweiss Asset Management Company. She further adds, “I’ve watched with interest how Col Sanjeev Govila and his company, Hum Fauji Initiatives, have worked overtime to spread financial literacy in the armed forces over the past many years. This book is a step in the right direction. Best wishes to their tireless efforts.”

The author, Col Sanjeev Govila, has also decided to donate the entire sale proceeds of the book to HFI Welfare Foundation, with the aim of educating children of deceased Jawans’ families who have fallen on hard times.

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