Saubhagyaa R Swain Analysis on the Dark Side of Entrepreneurship

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May 7: Saubhagyaa R Swain is a man who grew up with a business plan. At a tender age, when youngsters enjoy their life to the fullest, Saubhagyaa eyed the goal of his own company and started achieving it. Today he is a renowned serial entrepreneur.

People read about the luxurious and exciting lifestyles of high-profile, successful entrepreneurs. They create the silhouette perception about entrepreneurship that drives them to start their own business. People admire Elon Musk and Dhirubhai Ambani as a hero of entrepreneurship. They can never envisage the struggle and despair those heroes have gone through.

Some reports on entrepreneurship uncovered many affective, cognitive, and behavioral dilemmas in league with mental health conditions.

Mr. Swain believes and thus addresses certain common obstacles that may factor in the psychological price. They are:

  • Family and Social Risk

The state of the business rests on the entrepreneur’s shoulders even if their friends, family, and team join them for the ride. Entrepreneurs tend to isolate themselves by choice. Also, they often show the bright side to family, friends, investors, clients, and employees, bearing the brunt of the worries and anxiety alone. Ultimately, this habit becomes the radical reason for depression and anxiety. This problem is especially true for a solopreneur.

  • Beyond Sedulous

Entrepreneurs are the head honcho who always has a plate full of commitments, passion, and determination toward the target. Every morning they open their eyes with dozens of intimations demanding an immediate response. Hence, they forget to have a routine morning. The startups invest and have lots at stake if they fail. Ergo, it becomes almost impossible for them to turn off work and enjoy life.

  • Fear of Failure

Entrepreneurs might take failure as an integral part of the startup process strongly. They often get exasperated to reframe and jettison the fear of failing. Feelings of failure can cost entrepreneurship psychologically. It can derail the business destroying professional and also personal relationships due to anxiety and depression. The startups generally do not focus on accomplishments. In lieu, they focus on the failure resulting in the rain on their fairy dust parade.

Are you facing the dark side of entrepreneurship?

Most entrepreneurs are heads down on growing their businesses. They often ignore signs like hopelessness, gaps in relationships, sleeping issues, eating habits, and mood swings. The founder of any startup must be cautious and timely enough to identify those signs and come up openly. That way, he can save himself from a high risk of developing mental health issues and will not be bound to pay the psychological prices of entrepreneurship. Saubhagyaa R Swain personally seconds the English aphorism Fake it till you make it. Entrepreneurs must imitate confidence, competence, and an optimistic perspective to achieve the goals they seek.

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