Celebrating 10 Years of Success – A Decade for Problem Solving

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May 10: In this ever-evolving age of technological advancement, businesses around the globe are going all out to stay relevant and have an edge on the competition, and that’s where Monocept comes in. Over the years, it has carved its place in the Industry by helping its clients be at the top of their game.

Monocept is a company that’s dedicated to solving problems, even those which look seemingly unsolvable. Their strong desire for knowledge and understanding has kept them going from strength-to-strength in the business world!

Monocept has emerged as a technology leader in digital transformation in the last decade, where they have worked with all major Insurance companies in India to build, improve and accelerate their digital journeys and improve their customer experience. Powered by a Team of passionate problem solvers, Monocept has helped customers improve their legacy systems by reengineering them and making them current, saving them huge CAPEX that would otherwise be required to replace the systems.

The problem solving DNA has helped Monocept to identify industry problems and create unique products for its customers. One of the company’s solutions, Redact, is an AI-powered masking tool that automatically masks sensitive data from Aadhar Card documents submitted by users in real time, in compliance with the IRDAI directives.

Another flagship offering is its OCR-recognition tool, Monolens, that eradicates the need for the manual marker process, thereby leaving no scope for human error. It uses machine learning algorithms to extract data from printed forms and feeds it into the system automatically.

And then there is Video365, Monocept’s cloud-based VOD and OTT solution, which enables uninterrupted playback and live streaming on multiple devices without the user having to download any content.

Monocept makes enterprises digital-confident through services like Performance Engineering, Microservices-based Large Scale Architectures, AI/ML, App Modernization, DevOps Services, Quality Assurance, Cloud journey, and more. These services have also played a crucial role in helping countless companies pave the way for the future.

For over ten years, the company has been delivering projects for major corporations and helping over 350+ employees thrive in a fast-paced world where technology is constantly changing.

In addition to celebrating 10 years anniversary, it’s exciting us also note that we’ve delivered 250+ successful projects across 45 enterprises throughout this time period!

Today, as Monocept celebrates decade of solving problems, it’s thrilling to note that over the last decade, the company has delivered over 250+ projects, served 45+ enterprises, and helped 350+ employees!

“At Monocept, we are passionate about our work, our people, and our clients. Our strong desire to exceed expectations is what drives us, and that is something which will never change” says Monocept’s founder and CEO, Manav Gaur.

As the company looks forward to scaling new heights in the future, the team is certain that one thing will always remain constant: at Monocept, they will never see problems, only opportunities. Their greatest motivation will always be the desire to solve the unknown, or as they like to call it, the ‘X.’

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