Social Workers Shephali Panda and Rajat Panda Join Hands to Establish Sakhal, an Online Charity Portal for Migrants

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New Delhi (India), May 10: Shephali Panda and Rajat Panda have launched Sakhal, an online portal cum Non-profit Organization that provides charity services to the needy and underprivileged populations, especially the migrants. It takes care of their every sort of needs, encompassing from providing quality education to being the feeding hand for their families. The vast list of its Charity Projects includes Charity for Food, Charity for Animals, Charity for Cleanliness, Charity for Health, Charity for Disaster, and Charity for Education. Moreover, some of its causes are Aid for Covid19 Survivors, Charity for Blood Donations, Setting a Roof,  and Charity for Food & Medical Aid.  Through its charity services, the organization seeks to contribute to the mission of nation-building.

The birth of owes to two visionaries and social workers  – Rajat Panda and Shephali Panda. Rajat Panda is an IT & Management Graduate who works as Principal Advisor at a global quality certification office. Shephali Panda is a passionate academician and poet who shares a deep interest in higher education and education policies. Operations at Sakhal are headed by Laxmikant Patel. Guided by their mutual sense of social responsibility and vision of a better India, they made Sakhal a reality. Sakhal is dedicated to standing by the underprivileged migrants in every possible way.  Unlike the other NGOs, Sakhal does not rely solely on donations from others. Instead, it sells naturally handmade products through and spends every penny in service of the needy and old.

Talking about their mission, Rajat Panda, the Co-founder of Sakhal, shares, “While India dreams of becoming a superpower in the coming years, two-thirds of people of India still live in poverty. As a result, India is still considered one of the world’s poorest countries. In fact, a large chunk of India’s social issues stems from this widespread poverty. At Sakhal, we aim to support India’s underprivileged migrant population with proper food, education, home, and other essential services.”

“We believe in the culture of self-fundiing, which is why we have built our brands to generate enough income for charity services. Moreover, through our transparent practices, we make sure that the deserving get the aid and live a better life,” adds the other Co-founder, Shephali Panda.

What makes Sakhal stand out from other organizations is its contribution to the causes of the migrant class of India. The Covid-induced pandemic has brought the crisis of migrant laborers to the forefront. Sakhal provides the migrant population of different cities with food, medical, and other necessary aids. Recently, the organization has also been planning to establish a school for the education of orphaned children. As India is making strides to become a giant in the global economy, Sakhal is on a mission to bring India out of the curse of poverty through its charity services.

For any query they can be reached at 1800 419 9798.

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