Broadband Plans Perfect for Streaming in Delhi

New Delhi (India), March 6: Internet service providers in Delhi (ISPs) are well-known for “bundling” services. Instead of just getting an internet plan, providers encourage customers to get internet, TV, and home security all rolled into one. ISPs’ streaming services are one such example. Streaming services are increasingly replacing cable TV as a source of entertainment for Indians. If you prefer streaming services such as Netflix, or, all you have to do is find high-speed internet service in your area and then subscribe to the streaming services you prefer.

ACT Broadband Plans for Streaming

We are spending more time online than they have in the past. Especially during the pandemic, the internet became our lifeline, our window to the world. We were streaming content for entertainment, stayed productive with video conferencing and working from home and kept learning with online schools and classes. We stayed in touch with our friends and family through video and even consulted doctors through video chats. 

All of this of course led to significant increase in streaming usage and data usage. The average per customer consumption shot up by 2.5x in the last 18 months. As per Android Central, a 480p movie uses roughly 0.7GB of data per hour, while a 1080p video uses 1.5GB. A 4K stream, which is probably the top definition given by most internet service providers, consumes approximately 7.2GB per hour. That’s a far cry from audio clips, which utilise an aggregate of 0.12GB per hour for large 320kbps music streaming. The images on social networks can typically range from a few hundred KB for a reduced image to hundreds of MB for high-resolution images.

With the increase in video streaming, there is a strong need for better speeds, data, and optimizations for video streaming. ACT SmartFiber® is optimised for video – both on streaming video (like YouTube) as well as interactive video (like Zoom/Teams calls). With this technology, you will get the best video experience for all activities like streaming movies or shows, attending a video conferencing for work or school, or surfing all at the same time.

Video streaming: ACT Fibernet explores all avenues to bring content in the most optimised path allowing users to stream with extremely low latency on streaming video. Some of the steps taken are constantly scanning for popular destinations by looking at traffic patterns and working with various content providers to deliver the best experience. This involves technological innovations in smart caching, peering, and other robust traffic routing technologies. 

ACT’s SmartFiber technology has accounted for larger screens and increasing usage of smart TVs, and the fact that it consumes more bandwidth. ACT SmartFiber technology ensures that the streaming is optimised for Smart TVs, ensuring a phenomenal viewing experience in 4K, with no buffering and lags, so that users can continue to enjoy movies and shows. 24*7.

 Video conferencing: For interactive video – which demands a low jitter, low packet loss, and extremely low-latency network performance for a seamless video experience, ACT SmartFiber® constantly monitors these parameters at an application and location level to provide superior video calling experience on zoom/other popular VC apps. Being connected has become so important – video calls with family, events celebrated online, schooling from home – all become simpler with ACT SmartFiber®.

ACT Fibernet currently offers three entertainment broadband plans in Delhi, each of which includes a unique set of services in addition to high-speed Internet access. Let’s look at the ACT Fibernet broadband plans in Delhi in more detail. The ACT welcome, which offers 50 Mbps for 649/month, is the most affordable plan and comes with a free router and OTT apps like Disney + Hotstar, Sony Liv, Zee 5, Yupptv at no extra cost. Another variant, ACT Welcome Stream, which offers 50 Mbps for 699 comes with Netflix subscription included at no extra cost. Finally, their third entertainment plan, Delhi Signature offers 150 Mbps for 999, and comes with a free router and OTT apps like Netflix, Disney + Hotstar, Sony Liv, Zee 5, Yupptv at no extra cost! With these entertainment plans, ACT Fibernet users can enjoy the latest and popular releases on these OTT apps like Berlin on Netflix, Loki on Disney + Hotstar, Rocket Boys S2 on Sony Liv, Tarla on Zee5 and many more!

Broadband Plans Perfect for Streaming in Delhi - PNN Digital

Understanding Bandwidth and Latency for Speed Issues

Have you purchased a big 4K and HDR TV only to discover that streaming television and movies results in decreased video quality or, worse, buffering? That means you should double-check that you have the greatest broadband deals and ask yourself, “What broadband speed do I need for streaming?” before fiddling with the settings.

If your internet is slow, check to see if you’re getting the speed you need from both your broadband service provider and your home’s WiFi configuration. However, the first step is to determine how much bandwidth you require. Broadband service providers showcase internet plan speeds based on the maximum download bandwidth. Bandwidth refers to how much data your internet can send and receive to your computer every second. Latency is measured as the complete time it takes for this information to reach your computer.

Many people wonder why we measure internet speed in bandwidth instead of latency. Latency differs by just microseconds, which is important for gaming but a very minor aspect for other online activities.

Why do I require high-speed internet for streaming?

To begin, perform a broadband speed test to determine the speed of your current connection. Then you’ll know what else you’ll need to help you get up. It’s that simple: if it’s less than 3Mb, you’ll have trouble getting high-definition video. If you don’t have enough bandwidth, your streaming service will reduce the quality in order to keep the movie running.

That means you won’t have to deal with a programme halt or the dreaded buffering symbol. However, it also means that you may be receiving lower-quality products without even recognising it. It’s one of those instances where you could happily watch it. But then you realise what you’ve been losing out on when someone shows you what you might be watching in full definition.

Speed you need for streaming with broadband in Delhi

The rates necessary for streaming each service vary, but Netflix is an excellent yardstick to use because it is one of the most efficient when it comes to bandwidth usage. Netflix claims that a 25Mbps connection is required for 4K and HDR quality. To achieve that level, you’ll need a high-speed fibre broadband connection.

25Mb   – 4K and HDR

5Mb     – HD

3Mb     – SD

1.5Mb – Recommended minimum

0.5Mb – Required minimum

The above speeds are required for a seamless experience on one device, and it is recommended to select entertainment plans of at least 50-100 Mbps to have a buffer free streaming experience.

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