Telematics goes Chip-less, powered by Damoov

New Delhi (India), April 23: Telematics has become an integral part of the automobile and fleet industry, especially with the recent boom in transportation mobility and gig economy. It is an essential management tool now for industries that require constant monitoring of vehicles and drivers. However, the post covid-19 global chip shortage has immensely impacted the traditional chip based telematics solutions, forcing companies to look for alternate solutions.  This has led to an accelerated interest in building smartphone based Telematics applications. Damoov, is one of the pioneering companies that is helping firms take their telematics solution “mobile”.

Telematics has proved to be a game-changer in the US &  Western countries where the automobile industry puts a lot of emphasis on safe driving. It also finds enormous applications in the insurance industry, particularly in the ‘smart insurance’ section, where the premium depends on how you drive.  Driver Monitoring Services from the brand helps food service apps track their delivery partners’ real-time location. Parents can also make use of the product to check teenagers’ driving habits.

Building smartphone telematics softwares or adding telematics feature to a software is a complex task requiring specific skillset and months (and sometimes years) of Developer time. Even if a company manage to build an in-house mobile telematics solution, it will face high maintenance costs as Android and iOS frequently change rules how they provide access to smartphone sensors data.

To overcome the development challenges, there was a strong need for companies to come up with ready to configure solutions for telematics.

Damoov, as a revolutionary domain player, is doing just that. It is changing the dynamics of the telematics industry with its cutting-edge suite of Telematics APIs and SDKs that turns any smartphone into a powerful telematics device. Using Damoov various companies from industries like Auto, Fleet Management & Insurance are bringing down development time from Years to days. This helps companies bring down maintenance and R&D cost by up to 70%.

Damoov’s success it’s not just due to the convenience that it brings to developers. Technologically, Damoov is superior to the existing solutions -making it a win-win deal for customers.

For example, one of the significant issues faced by telematics apps is, keeping them on at all times to record data. This puts massive stress on the mobile’s battery and causes mobile users to refrain from using them. Damoov’s telematic suite allows apps to run in the background and automatically recognize and record driving activities. This way, it records data while saving the battery from any additional stress.

Ivan Shornikov, CEO & Founder of Damoov, believes that their telematics-based APIs and SDKs will eventually become a default requirement for building any mobile applications designed for drivers and gig-workers. “Consider how solutions like Stripe and Razorpay have eased the development time for payment solutions. You don’t try and build your own solution today – Damoov will play a similar role for Telematics”, says Shornikov.

Despite being a startup, Damoov’s quick success is a result of their team’s sheer dedication, which boasts of over 100 years of combined leadership experience in the telematics industry. Their vision to become a default solution for mobile developers for integrating tracking-based features has brought them funding from the investment giants likes of Alchemist Accelerator and StartaVC.  Damoov is now expanding its operations to the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Japan, Singapore and India.